Principal Message

Welcome to our world of Bangladesh School & College, Saham, located at Sohar district of Sultanate of Oman; was established by a group of Bangladesh community leaders living in Saham and its adjacent areas under the versatile leadership of the foresighted leader & Founder President Engr. Hasanuzzaman (Hasan) on 18th February, 2008 to impart quality education through National Curriculum of Bangladesh (English Version) under the Directorate of Primary Education, Dhaka, and Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Dhaka, mainly to the Bangladeshi expatriates, residing around Sultanate of Oman.

Our motto is to enrich the children of all Bangladeshi deportees; that takes pride in shaping aspirations and dreams and bringing them to culmination by providing quality knowledge and skills; required for the demanding economy of the twenty-first century through the empowerment of its academic community. Bangladesh School & College, Saham has measured up to the expectations of the people of Bangladesh and become a role model in the field of quality education specifically around Oman. We, while, are grateful to our patrons for reposing their continued faith and confidence in our efforts to raise a state-of-the-art institution committed to providing truly top-notch education to Bangladeshi expatriates in Oman.

Our mission is firmly committed to the evolution of education through effective curriculum design, quality instructions, and excellent research with the co-existence of faculty and students. Education should aim at the liberation of one’s inner powers of the mind and the body. To achieve this end, it has to be integral and it should encompass the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual plans.

Our vision is to vitally integrate and synthesize the physical, mental, rational, ethical and spiritual education. We invite you all to be a part of us and share the learning experience of Bangladesh School & College, Saham. We are here covering an exceptional teaching and learning process; which is managed by a group of enthusiastic, highly experienced, quality, efficient and expert pedagogues having educated from Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Islamic University, National University and so on along with well-established educational backgrounds with M.Phil and Ph.D degrees.

To be sure, Bangladesh School & College, Saham, is aiming at seeking scopes to personalize every of its students for learning experience through the moral and ethical bond in between teachers, students and guardians in order to enrich whole activities inside the premises. We, this is how, have been entrusted with the greatest asset that one can have children, and so we promise nothing less than absolute sincerity in molding them for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Last not the least; we are committed to ensuring our students receiving the soft skills and hard skills, knowledges and experiences that will allow them to seize the next step in their lives with buoyancy. We, to say true, strongly maintain the principles to help our babies and children grow and learn in a harmonious environment, ensuing all-round development of their bodies, minds and souls.

We, to sum up, would again like to thank you all very much for surfing our website; to get in touch with the information regarding our Bangladesh School & College, Saham as you deserve to.

M S Islam Shafiqu
Bangladesh School & College, Saham